New date of the Scientific Conference WISENT IN THE AUGUSTOWSKA FOREST

Lidia Sternik-Stempkowska|02.07.2020

European Bison Friends Society
would like to inform you
that the Scientific Conference
will be postpone to 9-10 September 2021


The current epidemiological situation has forced us to decide to postpone this year’s conference “Wisent in Augustowska Forest” to the next year.

However, it is very important to us to publish the thirteenth edition of „European Bison Conservation Newsletter 2020” (paper copy will be distributed during the conference 2021).

We would like to encourage you to send papers or reports.

Papers published in this journal – in English only- will be peer-reviewed.

All details on papers preparation can be found on the EBFS website (


Please send papers before August 15, 2020 to one of two addresses: or

Lidia Sternik-Stempkowska|24.01.2022

Polish wisents went to Spain

Polish wisents went to Spain again. On January 10, eight European bison from four Polish breeding centres started their long journey to the the European Bison Conservation Center in Spain (EBCC). The EBCC, remaining in regular contact with SGGW scientists from the Institute of Animal Sciences, is to take care of the European bison. Specialists... Read more