On wisent trail

logo_tropemUnder the project a series of educational workshops for preschool and elementary school students was carried out. Classes were held in the Centre of  Ecological Education at the Bison Centre, in the Białowieża National Park and the Warsaw Zoological Garden.
Within the project European Bison Friends Society, partner of the project has prepared educational materials – exercise books with various kinds of tasks designed for different age groups – preschoolers, students in grades I-III and IV-VI. Also the multimedia DVD “Some facts of the wisents life” was updated. On the base of this DVD classes for kids were carried out.  It contains information about the history of extinction and reintroduction of European bison, biology, habitat, and anatomy of this animal. Information is presented by interactive professors (ecologist, biologist, vet and geographer). And the end students can play a virtual sport game, man vs bison, showing abilities and limitations of both species. Aside from the class activities – presentation and work with exercise books – also  outdoor clases were provided related with the direct observation of animals in the Zoo or exhibition enclosures, depending on the location of the workshops.

Downloads (in polish only):

Classes were carried out in the following institutions:

Zagroda Żubrów w Pszczynie

Bison Centre of Pszczyna

Białowieski Park Narodowy

Białowieża National Park

Warszawski Ogród Zoologiczny

Warsaw Zoological Garden


 The project “On wisent trail” uses of co-finansing from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

Duration of the project – 2011 – 2014

Coordinator – Agency for the Development and Promotion of Pszczyna Region