Wisent – restored from the edge of extinction

Oliwia Janik|09.04.2018

Wisents are a symbol of the conservation of Polish nature. One day on the edge of extinction, now with every year their numbers are growing. This is an effect of multiannual cooperation of many people – scientists, foresters and naturalists.

Wisents numbers in Poland in last two decades:
1998 – 699 animals
2008 – 1070 animals
2018 – 1873 animals

Unfortunately, because the number of herds remains the same, the density of animals grows.

Too high population density means:
– worse living conditions for animals
– excessive exploitation of environmental resources
– higher danger of diseases and parasites

Wisents searching for food move to cultivated fields – damages and compensations are growing, thus animosity appears towards those beautiful animals.
At migration routes of wisents, dangerous traffic accidents happen.

We are responsible for the welfare of wisents. Their future depends on wise protection. Let’s allow those people who devoted their whole life for wisents to continue their work.

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Oliwia Janik|19.04.2019

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